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General Questions
Why sign up?
Access to extra features including “Find better quality”, “Find my Pornstar”. You can view HD videos for free. Access to the suggestions feature in the search bar. Download videos and interact with other users.
I have forgotten my password, how can I recover or reset it?
Navigate to the “Login” button, find "Forgot My Password” at the bottom of the box and fill in the correct details. You will receive an email to reset the your account password.
I have a problem which I can't solve, how do I report it?
Fill in the contact form, you can find a link directly to the form at the bottom of any page under "Contact".
Can I download videos?
Users can download LQ videos after 1 weeks and HD videos are 2 weeks.
Can I watch Videos in HD?
User can only watch HD videos once they have created an account.
Is there a limit to how many friends are allowed?
You can have unlimited friends.
Is there a limit to how many subscriptions I can have?
You can have unlimited subscriptions.
What are notifications?
When you are subscribed to a channel or follow a certain user, you will be notified if a new video/image has been uploaded by that user. New messages will also appear here and any comments left on the videos you have uploaded.
I've found a bug on the site, how do I report it?
Use the "Сontact/Support" form located at the bottom of the page. You may be rewarded.
Can I change my username?
No, please make a new account under a new email address
How do I block someone?
Locate the users profile page and click the “BLOCK” button.
Why can't I view other users videos on there profile?
Follow the user to see the videos on the users profile page.
I want to put forward a great idea to the domain team, how can I do it?
At the bottom of the domain website you will see "Send Feedback" fill in the form, we are always open to new exciting idea's.
What is the difference between "Watch Later" and "My Favorites?
The videos that you have selected to watch later will disappear after being viewed. Favorited videos will be stay on your profile until you choose to delete them.
What does "Find Better Quality" do?
The website will search for videos matching the same tags and categories with only the quality HD.
Why can't I use the "Find My Pornstar" feature?
To stop spam we only allow accounts older than 14 days to use this feature. You will only be allowed to use this feature two times a month.
How long does it take to "Find My Pornstar"?
When a user correctly identifies the Pornstar a verification icon will be placed on the image uploaded as well as the video the image was taken from.
How do I use the advanced search bar?
Click the icon next to the magnifying glass in the search bar located at the top of the page.
What is the "Save Me" button for and how do I use it?
When creating an account, you will have the option to "Edit Profile". When editing your profile you will be given the option to change the link that your save me button will redirect you to. Once a link has been added a padlock button will be located at the top right hand screen of the website. This will send you to the site you have chosen on your profile when you are in a compromising situation. Please visit here for more instructions: https://www.mxxx.com/news/safe-mode/
How do I turn MXXX’s night mode on?
Next to the logo in the top left hand corner you will see a Sun/Moon icon. Click this to switch between Day/Night mode.
Adding a personal affiliate banner to public profile page.
Please visit here for more instructions: https://www.mxxx.com/news/users-can-now-add-their-own-affiliate-banner-to-their-own-public-profile-page/
Abuse Claims
How to remove a video/image uploaded if you see yourself appear in them.
Fill in the "Contact Us" form and we will deal with this as soon as possible. Please include the link to the video.
How to report someone sending you spam via private messages.
Head over to the Users profile page and click the report button.
How to report someone sending you spam via comments.
All comments are reviewed to stop spam, if it has slipped through the cracks please report the user via there user profile page.
How to remove copyrighted content that has been uploaded on mxxx.com
Visit the DMCA link located at the bottom of every page to find out all information on making a DMCA report correctly. You can send an email or make the report by filling in the contact form.
How to remove illegal content (CP, Zoo, Rape) that has been uploaded to mxxx.com
You can report the video by clicking the three dots underneath the video and selecting report then completing the form. It will be dealt with swiftly. We do not tolerate any kind of content that promotes these subjects.